Apache Camel / OSGI / Wicket (real example - tutorial part2)

I have finalized a first draft of the second part of my tutorial about Camel 2.0 / ServiceMix-Karaf / CXF / OSGI / Apache Wicket

The purpose of the second part was to explain how to design a simple project where different concepts like :

  • persistence (Hibernate/spring),
  • routing (Apache Camel 2.0),
  • mapping between CSV file and objects (using camel-bindy),
  • webservices (Apache CXF - OSGI),
  • osgi stuffs,
  • packaging and deployment on Apache Karaf/ServiceMix OSGI server (features, PAX url),
  • web application integration (Apache Wicket, PAX Web) have been addressed.

The tutorial has been designed in 4 parts :

  • Part 2a : real example, architecture, project setup, database creation
  • Part 2b : transform projects in bundles
  • Part 2c : add infrastructure and routin
  • Part 2d : web and deployment

and is available here : http://cwiki.apache.org/CAMEL/tutorial-osgi-camel-part2.html

Don’t hesitate to provide me your remarks/comments to improve it.